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Mary and Jerry Wenker first came to Guntersville, Alabama on a fishing trip in 1990.  They fell in love with Guntersville immediately and decided that Guntersville was where they wanted to retire.  They purchased their retirement home in 1994.  After retiring in 1999, they moved from Colorado Springs, CO to Guntersville, Alabama.  Jerry completed the Master Gardener course then purchased 36 acres of land.  After much research, he and Mary realized that the sloping property was perfect for growing muscadines. This fact eventually led to the couple's decision to try their hand at growing muscadines. 

The couple started out by planting one acre of muscadines and after planting "just a few vines," the endeavor took on a life of its own.  They currently maintain three acres of muscadines.  Each acre consists of nine rows of muscadine and scuppernong grapes that are four hundred feet long and ten to twelve feet apart.  The first acre consists of six varieties of muscadines and scuppernongs. The second acre consists of Black Beauty, Supreme and Ison muscadine grapes. The third acre consists of mostly Noble, Creek and Magnolia which are varieties of muscadine that are generally used for making wine. Wenker's Vineyard includes nine varieties of muscadine vines, four of which are the greenish-bronze scuppernongs.


The Wenker's enjoy visiting with customers and showing them around the farm.  Mary enjoys making several foods with the fruits of their labor, such as scuppernong jam, scuppernong and muscadine jelly and muscadine pies and cobblers.  Please visit our Recipe Page for some delicious recipes.

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