Wenker's Vineyard - Wine Supplies



We have the following wine supplies available for purchase when you visit the vineyard. 

Wine Supplies

750ML Wine Bottles -  12/CS Green & Clear

375ML Wine Bottles -  24/CS Green & Clear

One Gallon Jugs

Portuguese Double Lever Corker

Sanitizer B-Brite & C-Brite

Super-Kleer Fining Agent

3/8"OD Auto Siphon

Double Bubble Airlock

Bottle Filler

Yeast (Wine & Beer)

Recipe Handbook (Wine & Beer)

Enjoy Home Winemaking (New Edition)

Flex Tube

6.5 Gallon Bucket with Lid

3 Gal CARBOY -  Glass & Plastic

5 GAL CARBOY - Glass & Plastic

Corks & Stoppers & Rubber Bung

Hydrometer and Test Jar

Winemaking Kit  - 6 GAL

Straining Bags - Large/X-Large

29" CARBOY Brush

17" Wine Bottle Brush

12" Funnel with Strainer

9" Funnel with Strainer

Assortment of Additives

Acid Test Kit

When you visit the vineyard, we will crush and/or press the muscadines and scuppernongs for our U-Pick customers as a courtesy.

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